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1500W Battery Backup Power Supply , Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery Portable

China Shenzhen Topband Battery Co., Ltd certification
China Shenzhen Topband Battery Co., Ltd certification
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1500W Battery Backup Power Supply , Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery Portable

1500W Battery Backup Power Supply , Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery Portable
1500W Battery Backup Power Supply , Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery Portable 1500W Battery Backup Power Supply , Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery Portable 1500W Battery Backup Power Supply , Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery Portable 1500W Battery Backup Power Supply , Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery Portable

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: China, Guangdong province
Brand Name: Topband
Model Number: TB12100F-T1500W

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
Packaging Details: carton box, pallets
Delivery Time: 2-3weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 4.5GWH/year
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery Power Source: Solar, Internal Or External Lithium Battery
Power (w): 1500W Weight: 29KG
Voltage (v): 12 Usage: UPS,mini Solar System,Fishing Lamps,camping Car,emergency
High Light:

camping rechargeable power supply


camping power source

1500W Portable Backup Mobile Power Unit Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery



1. General information

The portable solar power station is all-in-one system, combing the solar controller, inverter, lithium ion batteries and BMS. It is developed for power shortage remote mountain area, health care, agriculture and animal husbandry, military, outdoor camping, scientific investigation and disaster emergency applications, etc. It is simple and convenient to use, for household and office appliances, electrical equipment in public place and rescue stations, including television, audio, electronic games, lighting, fans, laptops and mobile phone, etc.


2. Product structure diagram

1500W Battery Backup Power Supply , Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery Portable 0



1500W Battery Backup Power Supply , Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery Portable 1

3. Product structure description

1500W Battery Backup Power Supply , Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery Portable 2

1500W Battery Backup Power Supply , Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery Portable 3

1500W Battery Backup Power Supply , Smart Power Bank Lithium Ion Battery Portable 4



4. Specification (@Initial temperature 25±5℃)

NO. item specification

1. The main technical


inverter DC voltage working range 12V(DC 10.5-15V)
Start idle current ≤0.5A
Output voltage 110VAC±5% or 220VAC±5%
Output frequency 60Hz±5% or 50Hz±5%
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Max. transfer efficiency ≥93%
Rated output power 1500W
Surge power(10ms) 3000W
Allowable over load(within 60s) 1650W
Low voltage warning(DC) 12V(10.8V---11.5V)
Low voltage protection (DC) 12V(10V---10.8V)
Fan start Controlled by temperature, when the internal temp. reach 4040℃, the fan starts working
Over load protection 1800W
Reset after over load protection Inverter lock, no output, need manually remove the load and re-start to recover
Inrush short current protection Inverter lock, no output, need manually remove the short condition and re-start to recover
Reverse protection Burn the built-in fuse
Over temperature protection When the internal temperature reach 70℃, inverter protection, no AC output
Built-in AC charger AC charge mode CC/CV
AC charge input voltage AC100V-240V
Max. charge current 20A
Max. charge voltage 14.6V
AC power charge protection Short, over current, auto cut-off when fully charge
Built-in solar charger Allowable input voltage 12V-40V
Charging mode PWM
Max. charge current 25A
Max. charge voltage 14.6V
protection Over voltage, revers, auto cut-off when fully charge
Charge efficiency ≥95%
Multi-function panel Anderson connector DC charge Max. 40VDC
Anderson connector DC discharge DC12V/20A
USB output DC5V/2.1A(4pcs)
cigarette lighter output DC12V/120W
display Display battery SOC, output power, AC output status, charge status
AC output AC110V±5% or AC220V±5%
AC input AC100V-240V
Power switch Control the inverter output, USB output
Built-in battery parameters (25 ℃)
Battery type LiFePO4
Nominal voltage 12.8V
Nominal capacity 100AH
open-circuit voltage 13.2V
Optimum charge voltage 14.6V
Optimum charge current 0.1C---0.5C

3. Practical range (electrical equipment below rated power of inverter)
equipments on vehicles, marine General lighting for military vehicles, police cars and ships; Medical equipment on a medical ambulance
Industrial equipment series Solar, wind power, gas discharge lamp, etc
office Computer, printer, copier, scanner, digital camera, mobile phone, etc
Kitchen appliance series Rice cooker, microwave oven, refrigerator, etc
Power tools series Chainsaw, drill, punch, etc
household appliances Domestic electrical equipment
working environment
use place Indoor, places without electric conduction, dust, corroding metal, gases that break the insulating layer
user Normal user
Working temperature -20℃~50℃
Working humidity 40~90%

5. Warning

Please read the following content carefully before using this product, because it will damage this product and the related electrical equipment if operated improperly or used this product with unmatched electricity equipment. Please check whether the power and voltage of electric equipment is suitable for this product before using.

* Please use required voltage or the built-in adaptor of this product to charge when you adopt AC charge. It is forbidden to charge by unmatched voltage or make a short circuit when charging;

* It is forbidden to touch the internal metal of OUTPUT or make the short–circuit of output artificially;

* It is forbidden to connect the AC output of this product with grid;

* Do not shower or immerse the product into water; It should be placed in a cool and dry environment when not in use;

* It is forbidden to put this product into fire, heater or hot heat source;

* It is prohibited to knock or throw the product;

* It is prohibited to use the product in places of strong static electricity and strong magnetic. Otherwise, it will damage the safety protection device of the product;

* This product has perfect protection function, but please be careful when used and try to avoid wrong connections and short circuit operation to prevent accidental damage;

* Non-professional personnel shall not open the products and remove parts, otherwise it's at your risk;

* Due to the large output power of this product, the large load plug or short circuit may cause a slight spark in the output state, so it is forbidden to use the product under the environment of flammable and explosive gas;


* Please turn off the power switch when it is inconvenient to use this product for a long time. Please charge the equipment periodically (within three months) to prevent the battery aging;

* The AC output of this product is standard 110V/220Vac sine wave voltage, it must be treated carefully and avoid electric shock;


6. Working Environment

* This product should be used in a dry, clean and ventilated environment;

* Avoid using under the environment of exposure, heat, rain, damp, dust, and fog;

* It is prohibited to use in the environment of flammable and explosive atmosphere to guard against flames and sparks;

* Applicable to external environment temperature -5℃~45℃;

* Air relative humidity is not more than 85% (25℃± 5℃);


7. Storage & Transportation

* Battery should be stayed in the warehouse -20℃~35℃ where it’s dry, clean, shade, and well-ventilated.

* The battery should be stored in 50% SOC during transportation.

* Keep the battery against dropping, turning over and serious stacking during loading.


8. Warning & Tips

Please read and follow the specification and caution remarks on battery surface before using the battery. Improper use may cause heat, fire, rupture, damage or capacity deterioration of the battery. SHENZHEN TOPBAND TOPBAND CO., LTD will not responsible for any accidents caused by the usage without following our specification.

* The battery must be far away from heat source, high voltage, and avoid to be exposed in sunshine for long time;

* Never put the battery into water;

* Do not put the battery in a charger or equipment with wrong terminals connected;

* Never connect the positive and negative of battery with metal;

* Avoid excessive physical shock or vibration; don't hit, fall, stamp on the battery;

* Without the permission of the manufacturer and guidance, forbidden to remove or to assemble the battery

* Do not mix the battery with different types or different models or from other manufacturers;

* Keep the battery against high temperature. Otherwise it will cause battery heat, get into fire or lose some function and reduce the life;

* When battery run out of power, please charge your battery timely (≤15day);

* Please use the matched or suggested charger for this battery;

* If the battery emit peculiar smell, heating, distortion or appear any abnormity during working or storage, please stop using and take it out from device.

* If the battery leaks and get into the eyes or skin, do not wipe, instead, rinse it with clean water and see doctor immediately

* Please far away from children or pets;

* Do not put disuse battery into a fire or water


9. Battery operation instruction

* Charging current: Do not exceed the largest charging current that specification stipulated;

* Charging voltage: Do not surpass the highest limited voltage that specification stipulated;

* Charging temperature: within temperature scope that specification stipulated;

* Charge with constant current, then with the constant voltage, no reverse charge, which is dangerous;

* Special note:

Short time doesn't affect the use of the battery overcharge too, but for a long period of time over discharge or over charge can affect the function of the battery failure, or the battery can't use permanent, appear serious safety hazards, need long time floating please use the recommended floating model specification. Battery when not in use for a long time, because of its own self-discharge characteristics can also cause discharge, to prevent the occurrence of a discharge, battery should maintain a certain capacity, maintain the voltage at 50% state of SOC.


10. Other Chemical Reaction

Because batteries utilize a chemical reaction, battery performance will deteriorate over time even if stored for a long period of time without being used. In addition, if the various usage conditions such as charge, discharge, ambient temperature, etc. are not maintained within the specified ranges, the life expectancy of the battery may be shortened or the device in which the battery is used may be damaged by electrolyte leakage. If the discharge time is much shorter than the normal after full charged, even battery is charged correctly, and this may indicate it is time to change the battery.


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